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Insert special chacters from fronts intalled in your comptuer
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If you happen to work with fonts or need frequent access to specific and/or unusual characters and symbols, PopChar offers you a comprehensive tool to locate, “collect”, and insert all kinds of characters in any document in no time. It allows you to create your own collections of fonts and characters, and insert them into the file you’re working on in various formats without having to browse for them.

PopChar lists all the fonts installed on your computer and allows you to take a look at all the characters and symbols included in the font selected at a glance. These are organized by Unicode blocks to help you browse for the character you’re looking for in a more convenient way. You can toggle on and off any of these groups, and add to Favorites all the characters you’re interested in with just one click. One click is also all you need to insert the symbol or character in question into the document you’re working on. You can use the character without formatting (it’ll take the font and size selected on your document) or you can export it with all the attributes of the font it comes from. Additionally, you can export the “name of the character” (as in “Latin capital letter m”), its HTML code or its Unicode Decimal or Hexadecimal values.

Searching characters by their name or those with a specific shape is one of the strengths of this tool. The “search by shape” function is especially interesting, mainly when you’re not too sure about the name of that elusive symbol or letter in a non-Latin alphabet, for instance. This is also a great tool for font designers, who can also look at each item from a different (and enlarged) perspective using the program’s unusual search capabilities.

PopChar is a powerful and comprehensive utility that anyone using fonts or uncommon characters on a daily basis will surely find useful. Its versatile search capabilities and the possibility of creating your own font/character collections are but two of the many interesting features that editors, font designers, and anyone else interested in fonts will surely appreciate.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers an excellent character visualization
  • Looks for characters with similar shapes
  • Create your own char collections
  • Shows recently-used and favorite characters
  • Find characters by shape, name, type, etc


  • The "search by shape" feature produces mixed results
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